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What a lovely app that reminds you to give glory and worship to God Almighty. This is what the body of Christ needs in this time.

Jason Wealth. App User

This is a must get app for every believer in the body of Christ. It prompts you to worship the maker three time every day.

Godbless Adam. App User

I love this.
This is so amazing... A call to worship everyday. I love this.

Lii Greene App User

I love this app because we can become so busy with our lives that we can forget to give the one who place us here is rightful time.

Jessie Miller. App User

The app is a desire come true to me. Every living soul needs and deserves this app especially in a world as noisy as ours.

Light Williams App User

    I love this
    It's such a nice app teaching people to always worship God.

    Bell-gam Princess App User

    Awesome app. The instructions are on point and very timely.
    I love This

    Joseph Blessing App User

    Awesome, I can't even describe the experience, the alarm is also awesome, the best thing that has ever happened to me this year.

    Olusegun oluwaseun. App User

    I love this app, even when I'm to busy in the office or feeling down, it reminds me of worshipping the Trinity (God supreme, the holy spirit and Jesus Christ my savior) and everything during and after worship, there's this peace within me.

    Austin Catherine. App User

    What an amazing experience! I was prompted by the alarm bell to worship, the songs were so spiritual. Thank you for this wonderful find. I was to suggest that more songs be uploaded to the audio section ASAP.

    Judith Ejike. App User